Green Statement

The Green Movement is not new to us but now, more than ever, it’s crucial to make environmentally savvy decisions for the sake of the planet and our own health. Since 1995 our sister product, MetroShed, has been at the forefront of green building – from using lumber from renewable sources, to low-toxic ply wood, to even recycling our waste to build prototype products.

Renewable, Sustainable, Recyclable, Reclaimed are some of our favorite words!

MetroShed is proud to be “Eco-friendly” and a leader of building ‘green’ prefabricated structures.

What is “green building”? Green building, sometimes called “sustainable building” or “environmental building”, is building more efficiently for the benefit of the environment, individual and community through better design, construction, operation, maintenance and waste removal. MetroShed has taken several “green” steps to make sure we do our part to balance MetroShed construction and the environment:

  1. We design, build and assemble MetroShed prefab parts offsite, reducing multiple trips to a job site and reducing the waste disposal at the job site.
  2. We use off-cuts from the production process to build prototype products, so waste is recycled. Prototype products are then sold at discounted rates instead of becoming waste.
  3. We only use FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) certified wood from sustainable replenished forests. Pine and birch plywoods used are premium grade (for extended life) and the glues used are toxic-free.
  4. We produce our own SIPs (standard insulated panels) – these panels have a foam-core insulation instead of fiberglass insulation with an exterior and interior facing to promote increased efficiency and are manufactured in a controlled environment to improve product quality, reduce the amount of wood necessary for structural framing and increase the speed of building. SIPs are a simple way to reduce the overall environmental impact of a building.
  5. We use only recycled materials in our offices and most of the production, sales & marketing is done digitally to reduce paper waste. The greenest paper is using no paper.
  6. We always buy in bulk to reduce the number of shipments we receive and to reduce the multiple transport costs and emissions we would be responsible for.

Green furniture was a natural next step.

We begin with recyclable or antique wood frames that would otherwise end up in a landfill. We then make the piece new again. Carefully choosing paints, fabrics, cushions and finishes with green production and manufacturing in mind.

THE BEST THING … you’ll never know the green furniture was recycled – there’s no strange smells, no strange materials or finishes … this is something we’re very proud of. When you buy a MetroSofa product, you’re buying something that is “new … again.”

We Welcome Custom Requests

With our master upholsterers we can design and manufacture any custom sofa, couch, chair, armchair, wing back chair, high back chair, barrel chair, camel sofa, french settee, Louis style chair, Victorian couch or loveseat.

Have an idea? We can make it a reality. We work with Interior Designers nationwide and have quick turnaround times and know the importance of deadlines and budgets.

While we do accept contract furniture / seating orders for multiple pieces, consumer MetroSofas are all unique one-off pieces manufactured specifically for green-design, environmentally conscience, Eco-friendly, savvy people.

How You Can Be More Eco-Friendly

If you’re using the MetroShed as a workspace or home office here’s how you can help continue to be “green” and lay the foundation for a greener office and environment:

  1. Work from home … to reduce transport pollution you can hold conference calls, attend video meetings and take online courses. We like to refer to this as the 30-second commute – from the main residence to the MetroShed in the garden!
  2. Use energy-saving computer settings, and make sure you turn them off (standby continues to draw power from the grid.)
  3. Turn off lights when the space is not being used. The standard MetroShed design features large sliding glass doors to let natural light in throughout the working day.
  4. If you have a desk lamp, invest in the LED desk lamps that use a small amount of electric versus standard light bulbs.
  5. Do as much as you can via e-mail and phone to reduce paper usage, look at documents on your computer and edit documents at the computer, rather than printing out.
  6. If you have to use paper, try to use both sides and make sure it’s recycled.
  7. Make sure the bathroom is stocked with toilet tissue made from recycled paper.
  8. You are what you wear … to be really green, buy clothes made with recycled fibers.
  9. Buying in bulk helps save not only time but also transport costs and pollution.
  10. Good air is vital. Use low-VOC paints (volatile organic compounds have been linked to birth defects and cancer) for the interior of the MetroShed and greener furniture and carpeting are now readily available from some of the biggest manufacturers like Herman Miller.
  11. Work out your lunch in advance … try to take your lunch with you to work and use reusable utensils.
  12. Bank and pay bills online. It’s become an easy way to avoid paper usage, save money on postage and be efficient.
  13. If you have any appliances in your MetroShed workspace turn off non-essential consumer electronics when not in use and make sure appliances carry an Energy Star rating.