MetroCABIN Prefab Modern Cabin

A Modern, Transportable Pre-Fab Architectural Structure


Pictured above: MetroCABIN provides a handsome solution to easily adding interior square footage to any property for hobbyist, leisurely, recreational and / or work related activities.

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Prices Starting at $19,995

MetroCABIN was developed in direct response to those customers looking for a larger pre-fab modern space. MetroCABIN is a livable 16 feet deep by 20 feet wide multi-use open plan space.

The MetroCABIN is Transportable Architecture; a distinctive pre-fab structure built in a factory and assembled by our team or you on your site. It’s a livable getaway cabin, a studio, an extra room, a cabana, or a mountain retreat. The simple and sophisticated design allows it to exist easily in an urban setting, while the quiet strength and sturdy attitude are comfortable in a more rugged environment.

The MetroCABIN is not a low quality “KIT.” This unique space comes with the wall panels pre-assembled. All other parts are precision cut. It’s engineered to exacting specifications and built with the highest quality materials. Two people can assemble the cabin in about 3 days.

General Description & Specifications

At 16′ deep x 20′ wide it is a generous room. It has an expansive, airy feel due to the ceiling height which is 9′-9″ in the front. The cabin is built on a propriety floor system. This system is constructed of treated timber perimeter wood beams, engineered joists, and 3/4″ wood sub-flooring. The walls are stud-built with wood siding on the exterior. The cabin is trimmed in durable, high-grade spruce wood throughout. The curving galvanized steel beams support the 2″ x 6″ tongue-and-groove pine roof deck. This strong attractive feature is the ceiling and the roof deck, all in one modern package. Our cabin is topped with an advanced roof system. The Duro-Last roof is a 1 piece prefabricated reinforced thermoplastic roofing membrane. This roof is virtually maintenance free and comes with its own 15-year warranty. The cabin has an 8′ gliding front door, 4 operating awning-type windows and a fixed transom window over the door. Windows and doors are made by Andersen.

Pictured above from left to right: the MetroCABIN shown in Cabin Series, Zip Series and Shelter Series.

  • From a 320sf studio to an
    800sf 2-bedroom home
  • Built with top-quality materials
  • Factory manufactured for maximum efficiency
  • Flexible layouts and configurations
  • Generous glass facades, dramatic exposed beams, soaring ceilings
  • Perfect for a backyard office, guesthouse, or weekend cabin
  • Shell+Plus™ pricing available
  • At 120sf, the ZipCabin is permit-exempt in most areas
  • Clean, modern, and versatile design
  • Quick, easy, and hassle-free assembly
  • Integrated raised foundation
    with built-in covered deck
  • Larger sizes are available
  • Perfect for your backyard office, exercise room, art studio etc
  • Perfect for individual lots and planned developments
  • Smart, sensibly-sized homes
  • Eco-considerate and highly efficient
  • Significant project savings over traditional methods and models
  • Designed by award-winning architect Ed Binkley

Learn More About the Three Cabin Types

Not just good design, smart design – Our efficient interior layouts give you a compact space with big-space comfort and function. Our structures are light-filled, with some featuring high, dramatic ceilings and exposed beams.

Simple and elegant – We are a design and value driven company. We develop our products to be both beautiful and cost-effective.

Complete package – Our building packages contain everything needed to build your MetroCABIN: pre-assembled wall panels, doors, windows, the roof system, siding, trim and the interior parts. Many component parts are pre-assembled. The package is delivered to your site for your builder to assemble.

Value – We manufacture our buildings in a controlled factory environment with the use of specialized jigs. This enables us to work very efficiently reducing our labor costs while still delivering a high quality product. We buy quality building materials in bulk and have next to zero manufacturing waste. The resulting savings we pass on to you.

Smart division of labor – At the heart of our building methodology is the use of efficient factory techniques together with the skills of your local builder. In the factory where efficiencies are high, we manufacture THE WALL SECTIONS, and PRECISION cut ALL NEEDED PARTS. On the site, your builder prepares the foundation, assembles the structure, and installs the services. This division of labor is what makes prefab a smart and affordable solution TO YOUR BUILDING NEEDS.

Building plans – Our buildings come complete with a set of permit-ready plans. If required, they can be stamped and signed by a licensed engineer.

Green build, quality materials – We are eco-considerate when choosing our materials, in our work methods, and when designing to meet specific client needs. We are happy to help strike a perfect balance between green building and budget.

What is Included in the Base Cabin?

We offer only one quality level with a host of options and upgrades. The Base Cabin starts at $32,500; it’s ready to move into and enjoy.

  • Floor System: Foundation pads and risers, perimeter beams and engineered joists, plywood sub-floor.
  • Walls: 13 insulated wall sections with, Spruce trim, 5 windows, and the front door.
  • Windows and Doors: We only use high quality vinyl windows and doors.
  • Roof: Steel beams, 1-1/2″ T&G roof deck, Duro-last roof membrane, trim and flashing. Miscellaneous: Full instructions for assembly and all screws, nuts, bolts and hardware needed to complete the job.

What is NOT Included in the Base Cabin?

    • Front porch / steps
    • Finished flooring (you can paint the sub-floor)
    • Items found in our options list

Decorating your MetroCABIN

Unsure of how to best handle your new space? MetroMODERN Interiors has many ideas about decorating the MetroCABIN. Consider buying one of our furnishings packages for a cost-effective foundation to base the interior design scheme on. For a completely customized design solution, our friends at the BoConcept Design Team can work with you to develop the perfect plan. Visit the MetroMODERN Interiors page to learn more.

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