MetroCABIN Zip Series

Cabanas, Guestrooms, Offices, Studios & Workshops

The Zip is the ultimate owner-assembled prefab; it’s a permit-exempt*,
bolt-together building kit with integrated foundation.

Easy to Own

The Zip is easy to order; one phone call will get us started. It’s easy to assemble, with our leveling legs; you can even build on sloping ground. In most areas, the Zip requires no building permit. The Zip is a hassle-free solution for all of your extra-space needs.


The Zip is what you need, when and where you need it. For those on the go, take it with you! With a wide range of options, you can make it your Zip.

Quality Construction

The Zip is manufactured with precise specifications, skilled craftsmanship, and quality innovative materials for generations of low maintenance, worry-free ownership.

Total Solution

The Zip building package is complete with everything required to build. For those that want it, the Zip is available pre-painted. You don’t have to hire a contractor or work with the maddening building department bureaucracy. A phone call today will be your enjoyment in a few short weeks.

At 120 square feet, the Zip is permit exempt in most localities. The interior size is 12’x10’. With the generous roofed porch the total living space is 12’x16’.

We are builder-geeks and proud of it; take our Zip foundation as an example. We have designed specialty hardware that does double duty as frame connections and foundation risers complete with load bearing feet. This elegant piece of hardware takes 75% of the work out of foundation preparation and provides a simple, strong building platform. We think it looks cool as well.

That’s not all … the Zip also features an innovative SIP roof structure. We use interlocking insulated panels that are super-strong and watertight. At the front, the roof is supported by a varnished wood beam held aloft by polished metal posts. Quality and detailing sets the Zip apart from the crowd.

The foundation, decking, and wall sections are seamlessly integrated to provide strength and durability while our clean and smart trim package finishes the Zip off in style.

The Zip can be assembled by 2 people. Along with our comprehensive instructions, a wrench, screwdrivers and a power drill are the only tools needed.

The ZipCabin is offered at: $15,650


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