MetroSHIP is powered by Honda Marine

Twin 60HP Honda Outboards or Single 90HP Honda Outboard

Using proven Honda technology and reliable outboard motors the MetroSHIP available engines make the MetroSHIP modern urban houseboats easy to maintain. Using outboard motors also drastically reduces the possibility of the boat submerging. One of the leading causes of boats sinking is a bad or faulty seal or installation of an inboard/outboard motor. MetroSHIP was always designed with the notion that boating and living aboard should be as trouble-free as possible.

Honda Marine outboard engines are available with simple analog displays or an all-digital display at the helm station.

For added maneuverability MetroSHIP can be equipped with a helm station at the rear, front or flybridge helm station, as well as an option for blind-spot camera(s) that relay real time viewing to an available helm station flat screen monitor.

MetroSHIP can be powered by a single 90HP VTEC Honda outboard or by twin 60HP Honda outboards with ‘Easy Dock Steering’ – making the MetroSHIP one of the easiest houseboats to maneuver in the market.

Honda Marine outboard engines have World Class Fuel Efficiency using less fuel at cruising speed – as much as 10% less fuel for the 60hp outboard and as much as 20% less fuel for the 90hp outboard based on EPA fuel mode consumption. This is achieved by allowing engine combustion to operate on a leaner air/fuel mixture.

Both Honda Marine 60hp and 90hp outboard motors feature a Corrosion Protection System – a patented ‘Double Sealed’ multi-layered paint process. Sacrificial anodes and stainless steel technology, painted interior cooling passages, along with waterproof connectors all enhance corrosion protection to protect the longevity of the engine.

Both Honda Marine 60hp and 90hp outboard engines feature Programmed Electronic Fuel Injection. This delivers the precise amount of fuel and air mix to each cylinder. The result is easy starting and instant throttle response with the added benefit of superior fuel efficiency.

A High Performance Gearcase is featured to reduce drag and minimize spray, while also improving maneuverability.

Honda Marine’s 90hp outboard motor uses VTEC racing technology. Though you won’t be winning any speed races in the MetroSHIP the VTEC technology synchronizes the lift and duration of the intake valves at low rpm and at high rpm. This results in longer, flatter torque curves meaning power is always maximized.

Honda Marine’s 60hp outboard motors feature new ‘Easy Dock Steering’. There has never been a mid-size outboard with this degree of maneuverability. Parking, docking or just steering the MetroSHIP is in a class of its own when using twin 60hp Honda Marine outboards.

Honda Marine’s 60hp outboard engine also has a ‘true’ 5 year limited warranty – the warranty is the same on the last day as it is on the first. The Honda Marine 90hp outboard features a 3 year warranty. The 60hp 5 year warranty is the best in its class and is more than Yamaha, Suzuki, Mercury or Evinrude.

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