MetroSHIP: the Original Modern Houseboat

Flex Pay Payment Plans Available: 10% Down, 3-12 Month Plans

Available Liveaboard Dock Space in: New York City | New Jersey | Hudson River | Washington, D.C. | Chicago, IL | St. Petersburg, FL | Charleston, SC | Marina Del Rey, CA | Lake Lanier, GA … And many more!

Available in 35FT, 40FT, 42FT Glass Houseboat, 48FT, 48FT Two-level, & 110FT lengths.

Fractional MetroSHIP Ownership Just Launched! 12 Shares Available @ $6,000 Per Share – Florida
4 Blocks from the Beach / A1A, 20 Minutes to Daytona Beach on Intercoastal Waterway … learn more.

Pictured above: an exterior view of the MetroSHIP, docked and illuminated at nightfall.

35FT MetroSHIP Images (x11) Preview:

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42FT Glass MetroSHIP Images (x46) Preview:

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48FT MetroSHIP Exterior Images Gallery (x40) Preview:

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48FT MetroSHIP Interior Images Gallery (x84) Preview:

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MetroSHIP Features: Refined From Top to Bottom

The final production version of the MetroSHIP modern houseboat is special. Every boat has the best of the best for the kitchen and bathroom. There’s a huge kitchen island in the open living area with full HD TV projector for TV, movies, gaming, internet or e.mail. Sound is courtesy of Jamo in-wall speakers by one of the best Danish speaker manufacturers. We’ve created this central block that contains the kitchen island and full size bathroom to divide the living area from the master bedroom. Additional bedroom ‘pods’ are available in the living area that rise from the floor.

We’re including top of the line Gaggenau and Viking appliances as standard, Kohler corner full size shower, imported Italian vanity in the bathroom that has a Sloan touch-free water conserving faucet, full size touch-flush toilet and even the very latest LG Steam Fresh Washer Dryer Laundry facilities; the rest is up to you. We’ve long believed the MetroSHIP should be more of a luxury condo than the typical RV of The Sea!

We have pre-determined the areas for kitchen and bathroom, but other than that it is up to you to bring in your own creativity, just as you would with a condo. Bring your own furniture or we can have our designers from our sister brand, MetroSOFA, help with the interior layout.

We have state of the art remote-controlled heat and AC, air conditioning units and the construction of the boat features UV coated Aluminum grid opaque walls that glow at night while maintaining privacy. The entire boat is as maintenance free as it can be – using a lot of light weight super strong Aluminum thermal panels. The boats sit on a super strong aluminum hull, with the option to use a steel hull, deeper ‘v’ aluminum hull or fiberglass pontoon hull (much care has gone into the structural integrity to create the floating houseboat sub-structure).

The MetroSHIP is white inside and out with premium double-glazed Low E. glass sliding doors and windows, as well as a front entry Aluminum sliding door.

We’ve made a calculated choice for our boat engines. We’ve partnered with Honda Marine to bring you the very finest Honda outboard motors. You can choose between twin 60HP Honda outboard motors or a single VTEC 90HP Honda outboard for easy reliable boating. The twin 60HP Honda engines feature the best fuel efficiency in its class, an industry-leading 5 year warranty and world-class leading 50 degree turning radius’ meaning the MetroSHIP is one of the easiest Houseboats to maneuver.

The MetroSHIP is changing the houseboat market. Open NYC loft style floorplan layout with full designer kitchen and bathroom with some very special touches…like solar-powered LED lighting on the front and rear deck. The first production MetroSHIPs will be 48ftx12ft, making it easy to move between marinas, harbors, lakes, oceans and ports. Available with rooftop hot tub and seating – the roof deck is usable – though no items on the roof can be installed before delivery as the height of the boat would be too tall for highways.

Manufactured in the U.S.A. Shipping Nationwide & Worldwide

  • The MetroSHIP modern yacht floating condo has been designed for easy transportation on highways and roads without the need for an escort.
  • MetroSHIP boats can be shipped anywhere.
  • MetroSHIP houseboats are manufactured in the U.S. from start to finish.

Reserve your MetroSHIP now, production capacity is limited with orders being filled on
a strict first- come, first-served basis.

MetroSHIP Modern Hoseboat in Motion

MetroSHIP Modern Hoseboat in Motion 2

MetroSHIP Modern Hoseboat Interior Details

MetroSHIP Modern Hoseboat Bathroom Details

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