MetroMOTORBIKE: About BMW Chopshop

BMW Chop Shop is owned by UK-based design and marketing consulting company, GDM (Duplication) Ltd. GDM was created in 1995 by David Ballinger, the UK’s ex-brand / marketing director for reality TV pioneer, Endemol Entertainment (creators of Changing Rooms, Trading Spaces, Extreme Home MakeOver, Big Brother, Ground Force and Fear Factor).

GDM branched out into industrial design under the leadership of David Ballinger and has since been responsible for bringing ground-breaking designs to market such as MetroPrefab products; MetroShed (modern prefab garden sheds), MetroCabin (modern cabin retreats), MetroShip (modern houseboats), MetroSofa (recycled vintage furniture with vibrant fabrics) and now BMW Chop Shop (BMW Custom Motorcycles).

BMW Chop Shop motorcycles are hand-built just 10 minutes from New York City, NY.

BMW Chop Shop Motorcycles On Display

BMW Chop Shop custom motorcycles can currently be seen in the New York City area.

If you’d like to schedule an appointment to view our current offerings in person, please fill out the form to the left and a BMW Chop Shop rep will contact you to make arrangements.

*While we do use BMW motorcycle parts for all our BMW Chop Shop motorcycles, we are not associated / affiliated with BMW North America or BMW Motorcycles in any way.

BMW Chop Shop is owned solely by GDM Ltd.

For more information please complete the form at top left.